Big Farley

Farley was born in Montgomery, Alabama to two lovely, sane parents who had no idea how crazy their beautiful baby boy would become. As a child, he listened to all kinds of music and found something to love about nearly all of it. From Neal Diamond to Jim Croce, from Billy Joel to Black Sabbath and beyond.

Information about Farley’s adulthood is hard to find, though at one point he was wrestling gators in the Evergaldes under the alias “Big Biscuits” Johnson. After killing one of the gators with knitting yarn, marshmallows and a handful of toothpicks, Farley was committed to the little known Home for the Tragically Awesome until such time as the doctors there could contain his raging case of awesomeness. After doing shots of whiskey and smoking cigarettes- all while in a straight jacket- Farley escaped into oblivion only to reappear years later in north Alabama.

When applying for a job with Kix 96.1, Farley wrote “because I’m f*&^ing awesome” in each and every blank on the application. While the management pondered calling law enforcement, a potentially rash decision was made to put him in the studio in front of a microphone. The rest is history.

It is rumored that Farley has a handsome son and a beautiful fiance’, and that at some point during his insanity, managed to earn a college degree, though no evidence can be unearthed to discover if the degree was in Communications or just plain, all-American Awesomeness. Perhaps in time, we will be able to find more answers.