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Charlie Sheen Reveals He is HIV Positive


Actor Charlie Sheen has confirmed he is HIV-positive in a lengthy television interview, and said he has been the victim of extortion and blackmail for years by confidantes who threatened to reveal his condition. The former Two and

Many US States Call to Refuse Syrian Refuges


At least 23 governors made statements ranging from expressions of general concern to calls to close their states’ borders to Syrian refugees. Immigration experts said, however, that under the Refugee Act of 1980, governors cannot legally block refugees

3 Airplanes Hit By Lasers in Dallas


Pilots of three aircraft reported being struck by a green laser beam as they approached Dallas Love Field on Wednesday night. FAA spokesman Lynn Lunsford said a private business jet, a Virgin America Airbus A319 and a

Pope: Planet Is At Breaking Point


Environmental groups welcomed a letter by Pope Francis that said man-made climate change is real and urged as a moral duty the reduction of fossil fuel use along with greater efforts to expand renewable energy. Pope Francis: Planet at