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Emergency Declared in Flint, MI Over Water


Flint, Michigan’s water woes are officially a federal emergency—nearly two years after the city took the money-saving move of switching from using Lake Huron water treated in Detroit to water from the Flint River. That water was

US Imposes New Sanctions on Iran


Hours after five Americans were released from custody in Iran, the United States imposed new sanctions on Iran Sunday, over that country’s ballistic missile testing. The economic sanctions came after a missiles were fired in October.  US imposes

GOP Debates: Birther Argument Put to Rest?


With Trump’s poll numbers starting to show signs of weakness, he went after strong-showing Cruz and his birther status. Cruz was born in Canada but is automatically naturalized because of his mother’s status. “If you become the nominee,

NASA Sets Up Planetary Defense Office


Somebody call Bruce Willis and his team of drillers.   NASA has created a Planetary Defense Coordination Office to deal with the remote possibility of an asteroid collision with Earth is driven by both growing concern about near-Earth objects

The Wait Is Over! There Are Powerball Winners!


The largest-ever lottery jackpot has at least three lucky winners. Three states — California, Florida and Tennessee — sold winning tickets for the monster $1.58 billion Powerball lottery. Winning tickets for record $1.6B Powerball jackpot sold in

Iran Releases 10 Sailors in Gulf


Iran’s Revolutionary Guards detained two US boats with 10 crew aboard after the boats entered Iranian territorial waters in the Gulf “illegally”, the country’s semi-official Fars news agency reported on Wednesday. A senior defense official said the USA lost contact

Obama Delivers Final State of the Union


President Barack Obama delivered his last State of the Union address Tuesday night and promised to be brief, “because I know some of you are anxious to make it back to Iowa,” he joked about the upcoming caucuses to

Police Dog Dies After Being Shot


Norfolk, VA police say one of their police dogs was shot and died overnight during an officer-involved shooting. Officers were called to a home after receiving reports that a man trapped his wife inside while the two were arguing. The