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Principal Dies Saving Children From Bus


On Tuesday, a stationary school bus at Indianapolis’s Amy Beverland Elementary inexplicably accelerated, jumping a curb towards a group of students. As the hulking vehicle approached, the principal pushed several students out of the way. She let herself be

Dog Finishes 7th in Half Marathon


On Jan 16, 2016, April Hamlin let her dog outside to go do “business” out in the yard, but she just kept running, according to Runner’s World. Ludivine kept running until she ran into the The Elkmont Half-Marathon,

Zika Virus To Spread Across The Americas


In the past four months, authorities have received reports of almost 4,000 cases in which Zika may have caused microcephaly in newborns. Authorities in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador and Jamaica have advised couples to avoid pregnancy

North Korea Arrest US Student


North Korea says it has detained a US university student for committing a ‘hostile act’ and wanting to ‘destroy the country’s unity’, the third western citizen known to be held in the isolated state. North Korea arrests

Monster Blizzard To Hit East Coast


The head of the National Weather Service has urged that “people should pay attention” to the developing snowstorm that is threatening the Washington, D.C., region and beyond. Speaking at a press briefing at NOAA’s Center for Weather

Did the Solar System Just Get Bigger?


Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech) in Pasadena say they now have “solid evidence” that there is a ninth planet — “Planet X” — about the size of Neptune lurking in the fringes of our

Palin Backs Trump for President


Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for president Tuesday night, giving a speech that energized a crowd more than 1,000. The former governor of Alaska roared back into the spotlight Tuesday night, calling on Iowans to support Trump and