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Groundhog Predicts an Early Spring


Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his burrow and reportedly being a bit cloudy, was unable to see his shadow. According to legend, if Phil sees his shadow on Groundhog Day, February 2, the cold weather will not loosen its grip

Clinton Confirmed Winner of Iowa Caucus


Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton has beaten Vermont senator Bernie Sanders in Iowa, it was confirmed late on Tuesday. However, her road to victory was not as smooth as originally presumed, as her self-described socialist rival

Oregon is Sick of the Standoff Too


Tired of hearing about the Oregon standoff?  Well, the people of Burns Oregon are sick of it too….and really don’t want the media, activist groups, or anyone visiting their small town anytime in the near future. ‘Leave

Russian AK-47….Made in the USA?


Kalashnikov, manufacturer of the well-known AK-47, will be allowed to assemble its Russian rifles in Florida, following recent approval by the city of Pompano Beach, located less than 40 miles north of Miami. Russia’s iconic AK-47 to be

Barbie Gets a New Body


It took almost 60 years, but Barbie finally has a more realistic body. The long-awaited makeover is step in the right direction, it’s also good for Mattel’s bottom line. However, there are some who think Barbie is still