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Rubio Suspends Campaign


After a dissapointing loss in his home state of Florida, Senator Marco Rubio has ended his campaign for President. Rubio bows out of presidential campaign after Florida loss Via 03/15/2016 11:39 PM Crush Rush /

Mother Teresa to Become a Saint


Mother Teresa will be made a saint on September 4. Mother Teresa was beatified, or recognized as entering heaven, in 2003 by Pope John Paul II.  Pope: Mother Teresa to become a saint Via 03/15/2016 7:51

California in for Double Earthquake?


There is widespread consensus that millions will be killed or displaced when the San Andreas fault ruptures. Now, a geophysicist claims there is a strong chance this quake will coincide with one along the adjacent San Jacinto faultline,

Iran Tried Hacking a NY Dam in 2013


The Justice Department is allegedly working on an indictment for Iranian hackers who attempted to infiltrate the operational controls for New York’s Bowman Avenue Dam in 2013. Though the attackers did manage to get into some systems

First Uterus Transplant Fails


On Wednesday, the Cleveland Clinic announced that the first patient in the United States who received a uterus transplant suffered complications and the doctors had to remove the uterus. The 26-year-old woman received uterus transplant last month

Super Tuesday 2 Results


Bernie Sanders surprised many with his win in Michigan, taking 50.1 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 48 percent. Trump scored wins in Mississippi, Michigan and Hawaii.  Super Tuesday 2 election results Via Bernie Sanders has won