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Sanders Sweeps Three States


Bernie Sanders strongly won all three states in the contest on Saturday, winning by over 62 points in Alaska, 40 points in Hawaii, and 46 points in Washington. Sanders trounces Clinton in three states Via 03/27/2016

FBI Might Not Need Apple to Unlock iPhone


Apple and the US Department of Justice were scheduled to appear in court today, for a judge to decide whether Apple must assist the FBI in breaking into the iPhone that belonged to one of the shooters in last December’s terrorist attack

Terror Attacks in Brussels


A string of explosions rocked Brussels airport and a city metro station today, killing at least 21 people in apparently coordinated attacks, officials said.  Two explosions targeted the main hall of Zaventem Airport, with a third hitting

US Declares ISIS Committed Genocide


Earlier on Thursday, the United States declared that ISIS is committing “genocide” against religious minorities, particularly Shia Muslims, Christians, Izadi Kurds, in Iraq and Syria, and vowed to halt it. IS committed genocide, says US Via