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Sander Draws Thousands to NYC Rally


On Wednesday night, Democrat Bernie Sanders drew some 27,000 supporters in and around Manhattan’s Washington Square Park ahead of Thursday’s debate and just days before the New York primary. Sanders draws thousands to NYC rally Via

“Affluenza” Teen To Remain in Jail


A teenager who was spared a jail sentence after causing a fatal drink-driving crash when his psychologist blamed his behaviour on “affluenza” has been told he must spend two years in prison after breaking his probation conditions.

Zika Worse Than Originally Thought


The mosquitoes that carry Zika virus are now in 30 states according to the CDC. Schuchat and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, described some of the birth defects linked to Zika including prematurity, blindness, and miscarriage.

Navy Officer Charged With Spying


A naval officer who flew some of America’s most secretive aircraft, and who attended U.S. Navy nuclear training schools, has been accused of spying on the U.S. military on behalf of China and Taiwan.  US Navy officer

John Kerry Visits Hiroshima


Secretary of State John Kerry visited the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima on Monday, making him the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit the site since the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb there at the end of World War

New York City to Crack Down on…..Elmo?


Anyone passing through Times Square has surely seen the costumed characters that are roaming around, posing for pictures and taking tips from tourists. A bill passed by New York City Council has declared some areas of Times Square off-limits

2 Escape Psychiatric Hospital


Police are looking for two men considered “dangerous to others” who escaped from Western State Hospital Wednesday night. Police say tips from the public are going to be key in capturing the men. 2 dangerous men escape

Merle Haggard Dies


Merle Haggard, the outlaw hero and ornery individualist unmatched in country-music history as a triple-threat singer, songwriter and bandleader who combined common-man eloquence with intrepid musical adventurousness, died on Wednesday.  Country legend Merle Haggard dies Via