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Attack on Kansas Mosque Thwarted


Three southwest Kansas men accused of devising a terrorist plot to kill Somali Muslim immigrants living in Kansas will be arraigned in federal court Monday morning. Officials said the men hoped to create a “bloodbath” by detonating vehicles

Teething Tablets May Be Linked to Infant Deaths


In September 2016, the FDA warned consumers to avoid giving infants and children homeopathic teething medications, after the products were implicated in seizures and other adverse events. By mid-October, various media outlets reported that more than 400 injuries and

Wells Fargo CEO Resigns


Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf will retire immediately, following the bank’s fake account scandal. Stumpf will not receive any severance pay as part of his resignation. Wells Fargo CEO out Via 10/12/2016 7:31 PM   Vividrange /

The Shackles Are Off Donald Trump


Losing the support of Republican leadership, Donald Trump has announced that he will now talk like the “real” uncensored Donald Trump.  A tweet-storm has already taken aim at Paul Ryan, Bill Clinton and many others. Donald Trump: ‘The

Ugly Debate: Who Won?


After another insult flung debate,  a CNN poll indicates that 57% of debate watchers believed Hillary Clinton won, while 34% of debate watchers believed Donald Trump won. US presidential debate: Trump launches ferocious attack on Clintons Via

Matthew Batters Florida Coast


Though not a direct hit, Hurricane Matthew has been battering the Florida coast since last night.  Hundreds of thousands of homes are without power. Hurricane Matthew: ‘Big bad beast’ storm batters Florida Via 10/07/2016 4:58 AM

Trump Tax Returns From 1995 Leaked


Portions of Donald Trump’s tax returns from 1995 were leaked indicating a loss of over 900 million dollars.  The rresults of which would make it so he would not have to pay federal taxes for 20 years. How