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Kelleigh Bannen Talks ‘Cheap Sunglasses’

“Kelleigh Bannen gives some insight into the music industry in a two-part exclusive behind-the-scenes video about her new EP, Cheap Sunglasses. Taste of Country premieres the video today and next Thursday (July 28).” Taste of Country Via .@kelleighbannen is

Greg Jennings Announces his Retirement from NFL

NFL receiver Greg Jennings has just announced retirement through a video posted on the FamiLeague channel on YouTube, after 10 seasons playing for the Packers, Vikings and Dolphins. Greg Jennings Is Retiring, So Let’s Remember His Greatest Highlight Via

Debbie Wasserman Schultz To Resign After Convention

Wasserman Schultz announced her resignation in a statement Sunday afternoon. The announcement came after internal emails newly disclosed by the website WikiLeaks that the Florida congresswoman had tilted the scales in favor of Clinton. DNC chair resigning over leaked emails