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Wildlife Encounters

by Jocks Jocks posted Dec 15 2010 1:35PM
Here at the Kix Studios I've been priveledged to have some very interesting wildlife encounters.  I've been working overnights and evenings on Kix for about 3 years now, and in that time I have found myself face to face with an impressive list of representatives from the animal kingdom. 

Our studios on Sam Phillips street are surrounded by neighborhoods, so it's no surprise that cats and dogs wander up on a regular basis.  I even adopted one of the cats (sort of second hand.  ask josie about that one).

The list gets a little stranger, though.  Johnny Law and I had a debate for a couple of weeks about whether the shape we were seeing every morning was a fox or a coyote.  Turns out, some days it was a fox, some days it was a coyote.  Lately a big, fat opossum has taken up residence in the landscaping of the real estate business next door, so I try to stop by and scare it at least once or twice a night.

When it comes to reptiles, summer time means skinks all over Alabama.  I've seen a couple of big ones here at the station, but nowhere near the size of the turtle that wandered up in the spring.  I thought Master Splinter was certain to be right behind, that's how big this mutant turtle was.  All cartoon references aside, this guy had a shell as big around as a serving platter.

Just this week I capped off my encounter list with the best sighting so far.  The Q107 booth right across the hall has a huge window that looks down toward the river and O'Neill bridge.  Fletch ran into the booth yelling at me to look out the window, and sure enough there sat a raptor of some kind.  It wasn't big enough to be an eagle, but I don't know enough about birds to tell if it was a hawk or a falcon.  Either way, it was the size of a doberman with wings. 

We all know that the wilderness has been depleted from the United States over the last 150 years, and the environmentalist in me says that's the simple reason for all these animals right here on Veterans Drive in Florence.  The storyteller in me, though, is convinced that the Florence/Lauderdale Coliseum has a glass-encased, sleeping princess stored somewhere in the basement, and her charisma just keeps bringing in these little woodland pals. 

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12/15/2010 1:35PM
Wildlife Encounters
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