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To Cheat or Not to Cheat

by Halley Phillips posted Jul 12 2012 10:32AM
So, there is some talk that Luke Bryan may have needed a little help at the All-Star Game on Monday night. As he was performing the National Anthem, he appeared to be checking his hand for guidance. Looking at it...well. I know what I think. What do YOU think? Was he cheating AND, if he was, is it fine as long as he doesn't flub the lyrics?

It's a stressful situation! Lol. I personally prefer that to these unfortunate incidents...

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07/12/2012 10:50AM
To Cheat or Not to Cheat
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07/12/2012 11:13AM
Nope No Cheat
Many musicians have been using teleprompters for a long time.
07/12/2012 12:10PM
Dear Luke Bryan,
I'll still shake it for you.
07/12/2012 6:17PM
Nadda Cheat
He probably had certain lines written so he wouldn't make a mistake. He sang it well and with heart. I thought I saw one of the lines he didn't say at the end, it was "Gentlemen, start your engines!"
07/13/2012 9:39AM
Donna Patterson
What's the big deal? If we lived the life they do we would need help remembering to. Heck I can walk to the kitchen and forget why I was headed that way ti begin with.. He had Kellie Pickler to take up for him.. Love Him...
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