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Thoughts on toilet paper cutbacks in Spanish schools

by Jocks Jocks posted Dec 7 2011 8:28PM
In interesting tidbit I picked up today here mentions that schools in Spain are making some drastic cutbacks because of severe budget problems, including a limit on the amount of toilet paper that kids can use throughout the school year. 

That may seem a little bizarre at first.  It did to me, too.  Then I started thinking about the hidden benefits of the idea.  Although the schools may not save too much money on the idea, it may turn out to teach their students an important lesson.  I know from experience, there's no better way to learn how to plan ahead and conserve than discovering that you only have one roll of toilet paper and five days before you'll have enough money to buy any more.  I have no doubt that at least a few of those kids will learn more about how to make a budget from watching the number of feet of of toilet paper they use than most would pick up from a home economics class.  My sister in law is a Home Ec teacher, so don't think I don't appreciate the benefits of some good old practical knowledge, but that's exactly what the TP Tally is going to give those students in Spain.

Maybe it wouldn't work out here in the US.  I've got a feeling that people would consider something like a limit on toilet tissue to be a silly thing to make kids put up with, but maybe it's not such a terrible thought after all.  I don't have kids, so I'm not going on a rant about how to do anything about being a parent.  I'm just suggesting that there are some things to learn from whatever odd thing you've got to put up with in life.  Even if it means you have to count the tiny little perforated lines on the roll of paper every time you're looking for a little peace and quiet to escape from gym class.
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12/07/2011 8:28PM
Thoughts on toilet paper cutbacks in Spanish schools
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12/07/2011 11:13PM
Soooo right!
This is a great point. Much cheaper, faster, and more immediate training in real-life conservation. Also, brilliantly funny!
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