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Thinkin's too hard...

by Jocks Jocks posted Oct 1 2010 8:58PM
... about "Free"
   Here's a great example of how my brain can get entertaiment out of sheer exhertion.  The Zac Brown Band has been impressing me since "Chicken Fried" showed up not all that long ago.  I really had a great time with the simple melody of "Free," not to mention the fact that it makes me want to sing along every single time.
    Then, alas, my brain kicked in and started listening.  That first verse kinda slips by, even though it's really the whole point of the song, so here it is just in case you missed it.
   "We live out in our old van, travel all across this land just me and you.
   "And we'll end up hand in hand, somewhere down on the sand just me and you."
   Okay, you'll observe that Zacky boy is inviting his love to move into his van...  yep.  Second on the list of funny stuff, you'll notice that he is planning on taking her to where the sand meets the water.  Now, maybe he means the ocean, but those of us who grew up on the Tennessee know just how common a sandy beach can be on a river.  So... he wants his girl to live with him in a van down by the river, right? 

or maybe i'm just Thinkin' too hard...

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10/01/2010 8:58PM
Thinkin's too hard...
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10/04/2010 4:07PM
*shakes head*
You're gonna hurt yourself thinkin that hard, Pinecone. BWAHAHA!!!
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