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Thinkin' too hard...

by Jocks Jocks posted Nov 9 2010 9:14PM
...about "Good Directions"

Once again it's time to let my brain get a little too much exercise, courtesy of one of my favorite country hits.  Billy Currington won me over with "Good Directions," a really catchy song with a great twist at the end.  As a big eater who tends to get lost pretty easily on road trips, it's about two of my very favorite things, so there's really only one thing I might like to change: the title.

BIlly opens the song by giving directions to a lady who is looking for the Interstate, and he does his best to help her out.  He makes sure, though, that she swings by his mom's place for a drink before she makes it out of town.  Sure enough, "When she stopped in and asked Miss Bell for some of her sweet tea / Mama gave her a big 'ol glass and sent her right back here to me."

Now, as happy as she might have been to see scruffy old Billy again, Mama's directions didn't take her back to the interstate like she wanted.  Now, for Billy those were some good directions, but for his lady friend they didn't exactly get the job done.  That's why from now on, in my head at least, I'm calling it "Bad Directions."

Could be the title fits better, and it could be that I'm just

...Thinkin' too hard
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11/09/2010 9:14PM
Thinkin' too hard...
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11/15/2010 10:56PM
You ain't right. I love it!
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