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No Kids Christmas

by Jocks Jocks posted Dec 23 2010 10:55PM
We all know that Christmas Comes Alive for the Children, but there are plenty of folks out there like my wife and I, who will be spending this holiday season again without the pitter patter of little feet as they immediatly smash their expensive toys into bits on Christmas Eve and Day.

For those of you like us, here are some ideas to keep your Christmas going well among all those adults who might have lost a little bit of their Yule Tide Cheer over the last couple of decades.

1) Dirrrty Santa: the "fight for the gift you want to take home" tradition is always great at your family get togethers, but I always find myself drawn to the kind of gifts you would be ashamed for your grandmother to see opened, no matter who ends up with it.  I say, go ahead and get those naughty little presents and exchange them with your friends.  You might learn a little something interesting about your pals, and maybe end up with something really interesting this year.

2) A "Bah Humbug" Bash: for those of you who aren't forced to love Christmas to keep from crushing the soul of a little child, go ahead and let your lack of Christmas Spirit rule the night.  Get your Humbug friends together, make a Christmas Tree bonfire, and smash yourself a Santa Pinata.  You could also try this great recipe for humbugs...

3)Big Kids Christmas: If the whole idea of a humbug party makes your elfy ears start twitching, take things the other way instead.  If it's been a few years since you experienced the magic of Christmas, take yourself back to when you were five this year.  Get your friends together and buy each other lots of games and toys to play with.  Wear fuzzy pajamas, bounce on the bed, and then play with all your new stuff until it breaks on the first night.

4)Neighborhood Christmas: last, but not least, you may be interested in indulging your maturity this season, more than happy to spend the holiday indulging in the kind of pleasures that take a lifetime to develop.  A great way to up the glamour of Christmas is to have each of your friends host one part of the big holiday meal.  Go all out with bree, mulled wine, coctail dresses and tuxedos, as you stroll through the crisp winter air remarking on the beautiful winter night and your personal interpetation of Shakespeare's Richard III.

Hope these suggestions serve you well, if not this year then in years to come.

From JD Royal and all the Kix Crew, Merry Christmas!!!
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12/23/2010 10:55PM
No Kids Christmas
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