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Marisol Make Up

by Jocks Jocks posted Apr 5 2011 8:41PM
Over the last two weekends I've had the chance to be on stage for The End's production of Marisol by Jose Rivera.  I always have a great time fretting and strutting across the stage, but this play was extra fun for a couple of reasons.  First of all, it was the first time I've been in a show with my wife since we starting dating 10 years ago at our college production of Hamlet.  It was just as much fun this time!  

Second, I had my first chance to create realistic make up effects for a stage production.  I'll admit that it wasn't exactly perfect, but I was pretty proud of the results.  One of my three characters in the show was burned alive by vandals, so I got to do the make up for the burn scars.

It was an interesting process for sure, and I want to start by thanking youtube's beadstointelligence www.youtube.com/user/beadsintoelegance for great step by step instructions on this effect.  All together the process took about a half hour.  I started with a layer of liquid latex and one-ply tissue paper.  It was almost as creepy as the full make up job.

My character was supposed to have been all over his body, but due to time contraints I just did my face and hands.  The rest of me was covered with costume anyway.

Once the latex dried, I used a nail to pull at the tissue and what looked like big, open blisters that had been popped and pulled apart.  With a few layers of make up and some touch up details, this is what it looked like.

Sorry for the lack of focus on these.  I was doing my best to use a tripod and my wife's expensive camera while my hands were covered in make up.  Not the easiest of tasks.  Luckily, though, for these shots in the stage light things came out a little better while she was flexing her photographer skills.

Maybe this will be my Darth Maul Halloween costume this year! LOL!  Just need one of those light saber pole things...

This is my favorite shot, although it's tough to see it here the make up on my hands is reflected in the sunglasses.  Since they're not very clear, here's one more of just my hands.

As much fun as it was to apply and wear the make up on stage, it got pretty uncomfortable under the hot lights and under a coat and hood for about two hours.  With the heat, itching, and a tendency to smear red on things everywhere I went, peeling the stuff off of my face and hands was one of the highlights for me every show.  After the first show I realized that the other people in the cast were absolutely fascinated with peeling off the fake skin.  I gave everyone a chance to help a little, and even though I can't let you peel any for yourself I can show you these pics of the peeling process after the last show on Sunday.

Before I go any further I'd like to mention that there's latex all down my nose and lips, which is why my mouth is open for all of these.  I'm also saying "Ooooh, that's fantastic," but mostly it's because of the junk on my mouth.

I had an absolute blast in this show, and I'm glad I got to share some of the creepy fun with you.  Here's a photo of all the cast and crew from the show!

Thanks for checking out the blog!  Have a great week :) ~JD Royal
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04/05/2011 8:41PM
Marisol Make Up
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04/05/2011 9:03PM
JD. Fletch here. Yuck. As you were.
04/07/2011 8:26PM
04/07/2011 11:22PM
amazing job!
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