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JD Gets Trashed by Snow

by Jocks Jocks posted Dec 30 2010 8:37PM
thanks for stopping by to check out my self-punishing silliness.  if you haven't already, scroll down and read the next blog, "Christmas in Tennessee" to see the first two thirds of my snow saga at my mother-in-law's house earlier this week.  if you're just here for the big finish, well, it's time to enjoy.

since the "pencil dive" approach had done me so little good, i thought i'd try one last time to smash into the snowboulder. 

this is me, poised for my last attempt after a double-sized run up

i really wish i could tell you exactly what i was thinking in this moment, but i'm pretty sure it was just something like, "AWWWW YEAAAHHH!!"  if i had been thinking clearly, after all, i would have anticipated what happens next

take a moment to note the change in my facial expression.  this hurt.  alot. 

yeah, that's me frozen in agony perched on top of the snowboulder.  still completely unaffected by all my efforts.  i feel like Andre the Giant was resurrected just to stop by and smash me in the chest with his meaty fist. 

Thanks for stopping by to gawk at the silliness.  If you've got any pics from the snowiness around the Tennessee Valley, be sure to send them to us so we can post them on the website.

I'll have some cool stuff coming up for my first blog of the new year, so check back January 1st for more weirdness from JD Royal!
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12/30/2010 8:37PM
JD Gets Trashed by Snow
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