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Christmas Cards

by Jocks Jocks posted Dec 9 2010 4:55PM
Way back in the 1800's sometime, a really really rich Englishman decided that he had too many people to greet at Christmas time to visit them all personally.  He attached a holiday greeting to a snowy lithograph, and the Christmas card was born.

In the last 200 years the tradition has developed into something that really amuses me.  Most people who send out Christmas cards are content to buy a pack of 50 slices of card stock paper with a snowflake or present printed on the front and send them around to all their friends.  For others, though, the holiday season is all about crafting that perfect Christmas card that says, "hey, you know us, and we're the only ones who would have sent you something like this."

Some people are absolutely brilliant at this.  My brother, for instance, has had me in stitches the last three years running with the card he and his wife have sent out.  For others, though, the attempt falls somewhere between pretty decent and horribly scarring.  Since you might be working on your cards in the last couple of weeks before Santa comes to town, here's a look at some of the things you definitely DO NOT want to do for your Christmas greeting.

First and foremost, avoid a confusing Christmas card.  If you're going to make the card about an inside joke, make sure there are more people inside the circle than just yourself.

Second, please go ahead and include your super cute kids in those Christmas cards.  Everybody wants to see how much they're grown.  If you're in the habit of feeding your kids a hot toddy before bed so they can sleep, do not do this right before you take the picture for your card.

Third, you should probably think good and hard about it before you decide to wear an elaborate costume.  You definitely want to avoid looking like you might be lurking in the dark at someone's home like this:

and this is something you just want to avoid.  period.

and last but not least, just don't.

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12/09/2010 4:55PM
Christmas Cards
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12/10/2010 3:10PM
HA! no really, HA! HA! AND HA!!!!! my eyes are teary. (Oh...and as a bonus my captcha was "wordian" ...which may be the wordianest word of all)
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