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A fresh fish start

by Jocks Jocks posted Feb 1 2012 9:09PM
With the warmer weather we've had the last few days, I got the gumption to clean out my great big fish tank.  It's a six or seven hour job to complete, and I hate doing anything with water when it's cold (or anything at all, really).  Unfortunately I had to rush things a little bit when I did the cleaning this time, which meant that I lost the tankfull of fish that had been living there.  I felt pretty bad about it, but in a couple of hours I realized that meant I got to go and get a whole new crop of fish to live in my tank :)

I spend lots of time watching the fish swim around, so it's a pretty entertaining hobby.  I don't have much of a phone on my camera, so it's tough to see many of them here.  I've got some tiger barbs, some von rio and pristella tetras, and some harlequinn rasbora (a little school of each).  I also got to adopt a rainbow shark again, and it's been WAY too long since I had a tank with one of those lovely little fellas.  I also picked up some ghost shrimp, which are almost completely transparent.  My wife and I have decided to pitch a new reality show on A&E called "Shrimp Hunters."  It'll be 60 uninterrupted minutes of people staring open-mouthed into a fish tank and saying things like "I don't see one anywhere" and "are you sure there's supposed to be shrimp in here?"

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02/01/2012 9:09PM
A fresh fish start
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