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5 days later..

by Josie posted May 2 2011 9:35PM

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Today.... on my way to Moulton to help some wonderful folks with relief efforts, I saw a rainbow.
I gotta say, it was one of those moments where I realized you can find hope or you can turn away.

I know that there are those that are still fumbling for words, reasons, those that want to help and those, like myself, who are counting their blessings.
I know the numbers of tornados that ripped through the south (over 180 on April 27th) I know the estimated damage thus far (2-5 billion dollars) but it's hard to count the losses....
I am writing this from my home that is still standing. I have power, food, water, a place to shower and a place to sleep. I won't forget how blessed I am. As I stare at this computer screen, with the cursor blinking- waiting for me to write more words, I keep hearing the voices of those I have heard over the past few days. Some were desperate, some stoic, some choked with tears and everywhere..EVERYWHERE, I got calls from people wanting to help. We have donation drop-offs listed here on the site. If you are in need right now, or know someone who is (and we all do) KNOW that there are people waiting to help.
Thank you to all who are and believe my prayers are with those of you who are in pain.

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05/02/2011 10:02PM
5 days later..
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